Hair Conditioner / Hair mask


Hair Conditioner / Hair Mask

  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Nutritional supplement and protect for hair
  • Recover damaged hair 
  • Moisture balance for scalp and hair

How To Use:

  1. Use a moderate amount of conditioner.
  2. Spread it and massage gently on scalp to let the conditioner evenly penetrate the roots and ends of the hair. 
  3. Let it stay on your hair about 15-30 minutes (use as hair mask). Then rinse off with water.
  4. If you don't have time, rinse it after 2-5 minutes (use as hair conditioner)

Material: Shea butter, fresh collagen, locust, jasmine oil, primrose oil, camomile oil, coconut oil and some other herbs.

Preservation: Avoiding the sun and store in cool place

 Hair Conditioner / Hair mask
 Hair Conditioner / Hair mask
 Hair Conditioner / Hair mask