Magic Fugu

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Smart wearable vibrator "Magic FUGU" controlled by APP

Introducing the new Magic Motion series "Fugu" wireless rotor that operates with your smartphone.

Tungsten steel motor for powerful dynamic vibration
Enhanced signal makes it wearable, connectable, and control anytime, anywhere.
Surface wave grate provides a stronger feel.

With your phone and the Magic Motion app, you can control it wherever you go.
A convenient pocket-sized vibrator for clitoes and vaginal stimulation, so you can easily operate it with just a single push of a button.
This mini vibrator can be charged by USB and provides powerful vibration in a range of 7 patterns.

How to Use:
1. Charge the main unit.
2. Download and install the Magic Motion app.
3. Launch the app. 4. Press the power button on the main unit.
5. Operate according to the app description.

  • Product Size (Width x Depth x Height): Total Length 8.0 inches (203 mm) x Maximum Diameter 1.3 inches (34 mm), (Rotor Part) Total Length 3.1 inches (78 mm) x Maximum Diameter 1.3 inches (34
  • Weight: 2.0 oz (57


 Magic Fugu
 Magic Fugu
 Magic Fugu